How to Retain Your RV’s Resale Value

If you’ve done any research into RVs, you likely know that they start losing their value the moment you drive them off of the dealership’s lot. This is the case with most vehicles and trailers, not just RVs. But finding ways to reduce the depreciation as much as possible can help you retain your RV’s resale value for years to come. And while keeping your RV in a secure and ideally covered storage space is a great place to start, it’s not the only thing you can do to reduce the impact that depreciation has on your rig. Here are a few tips to help.

Invest in the Right RV
If you’re in the market for a new RV, do your research and choose an RV that’s more likely to hold its value. For example, some brands like Airstream, Provost, and Newmar may hold their values longer than other less well-known or less high-quality brands. It’s also worth noting that some RV types also hold their value better than others. If you’re looking for a towable, fifth wheels typically hold their values longer than many travel trailers due to the quality of their construction. And Class B RVs (also called camper vans) often hold their value better than Class C motorhomes. 

Maintain Everything
Lack of maintenance can take a major toll on your RV’s value. Rather than letting some issues just sit until you trade your RV in, stay on top of routine maintenance. Fix light fixtures that aren’t working properly. Replace your propane detector before it expires. Check your seals and reseal your rig as needed. Many maintenance tasks are easy to take care of on your own, but if you’re not handy or don’t want the added stress of taking care of maintenance yourself, you can always schedule regular tune-ups and appointments with an RV repair expert.

Get the Outside Detailed Regularly
RV exteriors are often exposed to the elements 24/7, whether you’re out on the road or have it parked at your uncovered RV storage site. That constant exposure can lead to wear and tear of your exterior. And when your RV loses its shine, it can drop in value. Stay ahead of that wear and tear by scheduling professional detailing appointments at least twice a year. And if you notice any dulling of the paint job or protective gel coat, wash and wax your rig to preserve its look between appointments.

Keep Renovations Tasteful and Minimal
Renovating an RV is a great way to make your house on wheels feel like home, but some renovations can end up hurting your RV’s value. Keep any renovations minimal and tasteful. If you’re installing new furniture, make sure it’s rated for RV use and can stand up to regular use and abuse. If you’re painting the interior or adding wallpaper, try to choose colors and prints that are timeless and will enhance the look of your RV. 

Some Depreciation Is Normal
No matter what you do, your RV will eventually lose value. But as long as you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to minimize that loss as much as possible. If you’re worried about your RV’s condition, schedule a maintenance appointment with goHomePort’s RV service and repair team
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