The Benefits of Covered RV Storage

Unless you’re living in your RV, you’re not going to be using it every day or even every month. During those times when you have to leave it parked, you have several choices: leave it at home where it takes up valuable space, or move it to a dedicated storage facility. RV storage facilities offer better security for your rig and help you free up space around your house. 

But once you start looking at your storage options, you’ll quickly discover that there’s more to it than picking the right size. You’ll need to choose between uncovered storage and covered storage. Both are great choices, but covered storage may be a better fit for your rig. Here are a few benefits you’ll see when you invest in covered storage.

Protects Against Hail
Let’s face it—hail damage is never fun to deal with. But when it’s pounding on your RV roof, there’s always a good chance it will damage the exterior, break your AC, smash your vent covers, and leave you with leaks that you might not find for months. Covered RV storage will protect your roof from hail, whether it’s tiny or golf-ball size. 

That protection means your roof will stay in better shape longer and can spare you the headache of having to deal with your insurance company to get the damage repaired. Any hail will hit the cover of your storage spot rather than your RV’s roof.

Reduces Oxidation
You’ve likely noticed how many older RVs have dull exteriors even when the rest of the rig is in pristine condition. That dullness is caused by oxidation which happens when the exterior of the RV is exposed to the sun’s UV rays consistently. While routine waxing and polishing will help preserve your rig’s exterior, that high gloss polish it had when you bought it can fade if you leave it out in storage for months on end, year after year. Covered storage can shield your RV from constant UV exposure so your exterior will look nicer longer.

Preserves the Life of Your Roof Sealant
No matter what type of RV you have, your roof will have sealant in place to prevent water from soaking into the seams. Though most sealant is long-lasting, it will break down if left in full sun every day. Once the seals break down, you’ll need to replace them or be prepared to deal with potential water damage and leaks. Covered RV storage protects those seals and can cut down on the amount of maintenance you’ll need to do to keep your rig in good working order. 

Keep Your Rig Safe and Secure
At goHomePort - Longshadows, we’re proud to offer both covered and uncovered RV storage for rigs of all sizes. Our spaces can accommodate large 5th wheels, diesel pushers, and small travel trailers alike without a problem. 

If you’re ready to keep your RV looking great year-round stop by our Longshadows location today or contact us at (720) 708-0653 to discuss your RV storage needs. 
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