All Seasons RV Upgrade Installations

Best RV Upgrades for Boondocking, Dry Camping, or All Season Campers

Enhance your dry camping or boondocking capabilities. Expert technicians at goHomePort RV Service and Repairs can modify, upgrade, and install all the RV, trailer, campervan, and motorhome upgrades you need for the ultimate off-grid RV experience.

RV Solar Installation

Professional, custom installation of RV solar panels on everything from Class A motorhomes to small travel trailers. We’ve got you covered for boondocking and off-grid needs where higher powered solar charging, lithium batteries, and full battery monitoring systems are required.

Lithium Battery and Inverter Upgrade for RV

Upgrade your RV lead acid batteries to lithium batteries for greater freedom and reliable power. Benefits include faster charging, much longer battery life, built-in protections against overcharging, better performance in cold weather, and no poisonous offgassing.


Solar. Lithium. Inverter.

Get a custom quote on all things powerhouse for four seasons of camping adventures.

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RV Tank Heaters

Keep your freshwater and wastewater systems from freezing when winter camping. A simple tank heater, fitted to your RV and running on the 12v battery, ensures you have working water systems when you need it.

RV Satellite Installation

The goHomePort RV Service and Repairs team has expert installers for your RV satellite (including Starlink Roam high speed internet) for reception almost anywhere. Perfect for the avid RVers who want to work and play in remote locations.

All Seasons RV Package Installation

Starting with adding more insulation to the underbelly of your RV, plus tank heaters to ensure your comfort for all four seasons. Expert technicians at goHomePort RV Service and Repairs will customize your All Seasons RV Package to exactly what you require and outfit your vehicle for four seasons of adventure.