Why You Should Consider Long-Term Storage for Your RV

Many RV owners end up storing their rigs at home. While this can be a great short-term solution, it can quickly become a hassle if you’re parking your rig for months on end. That’s where a dedicated RV storage facility can help. But if you’re on the fence, committing to a storage spot can be a bit intimidating. Here are a few key reasons to consider moving your RV to a long-term storage spot. 

It Frees up Space at Home
Unless you have a dedicated RV parking spot on your property, you’re likely squeezing your rig in wherever it will fit. Even if it’s small, your RV will take up valuable space in your yard or in your driveway. If you’re trying to squeeze additional cars into your driveway during the holidays or want to give your kids more space to play in your yard, your RV will likely only be in the way. By moving it to a dedicated storage facility, you’ll free up space at home. 

Storing Your RV May Keep It Safer
RVs can be tempting targets for thieves. After all, it’s typically unoccupied and still tends to have valuable electronics like radios, televisions, and even personal possessions inside. Keeping an eye on your RV is tough even when you’re at home, giving thieves plenty of opportunity to break in. When you keep your RV at a storage facility, you’ll keep it safer. These storage spaces are monitored and only accessible to authorized individuals, greatly reducing your risk of theft or damage.

It Keeps You on Good Terms With Your HOA
It should come as no surprise that homeowners’ associations just keep getting stricter with each passing year. Many HOAs don’t allow homeowners to park RVs on their property even if they’re off the street. If you live in a community with these rules in place, you risk costly fines for each violation. By moving your RV to a storage facility, you’ll stay on better terms with your HOA anytime you’re not camping. Even better, you’ll avoid those expensive fines!

It Gives You Access to Dump Stations
If you’re going on an extended camping trip out in the woods, you may not have access to a dump station to empty your tanks. Sure, you could head to one of the RV parks in the area, but unless you’re staying overnight, you’ll likely have to pay for use of their dump station. Depending on the park, that fee can be upwards of $20 per use. At goHomePort, we have dump stations and water fill stations on site. You’re free to use them as needed as long as you’re renting a storage space. 

Do Your Research
Keeping your RV in a secure RV storage facility is a great way to free up space around your home and keep your HOA and your neighbors from complaining. But before you book a site at the closest RV storage facility, compare your options. You’ll want to choose a location that’s convenient but secure and one that offers the amenities you’re looking for.

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