How to Get Your RV Ready for Storage

Putting your RV in storage can be bittersweet, especially if you’re having to park it for more than a month at a time. But there’s more to putting your RV into storage than just finding the right place to park it. You need to get the rig ready for storage before bringing it to your spot. If it’s been a while since you parked your RV for any length of time, it’s normal to feel a bit rusty on what you need to do to get your rig ready. Here are a few key tasks to take care of before you lock up and drive away.

Remove Your Food
Even small amounts of food can attract rodents and pests. Before bringing your RV to your storage facility, take your time and remove all the food you have in your rig. Check the fridge, cabinets, under-furniture storage spaces, and outdoor storage bays for any snacks or sugary beverages you might not have used up on your last trip. Remove everything you can and store it in a safe location at your house. This will dramatically reduce the risk of pests and insects taking up residence in your RV while your rig is parked.

Give the Rig a Good Deep Cleaning
No one wants to cope with a dirty RV when they’re ready to hit the road again. Before you park your rig, give it a good deep cleaning. Here are some of the chores you’ll want to take care of:
  • Wipe down all interior surfaces.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Clean your fridge.
  • Pick up any clutter you find.
  • Secure items that might move in transit. 
  • Prop up your mattress to reduce mold growth.

By cleaning your before putting it in storage, you’ll end up saving yourself time when you’re ready to hit the road again. All you’ll have to do is bring your belongings inside.

Flush Your Tanks
Leaving either your gray or black tanks full when you put your rig in storage is the easiest way to ensure that your RV smells horrid when you take it out of storage. This is because the water in those tanks off-gasses over time and sends smells through your pipes and into your RV. Instead, dump and flush your tanks before you park your rig. You’ll also want to put black tank treatment in your tank before you park it. This will help reduce the risk of off-putting odors getting into your rig while you’re away.

Prop Your Fridge Open
RV fridges may be small, but they can hold a lot of moisture. Use your storage time as an opportunity to defrost your fridge and freezer. Prop the doors open when you park. Most RV fridges have latches that you can engage to keep the doors open even on a slope. If you have a ton of ice built up, put towels on the floor and inside the fridge and freezer to sop up the moisture. Just make sure to stop by in a day or two to pick the towels up.

Store Your Rig the Right Way
These tips will help you get your RV ready for storage whether you’re parking it for a week or a full year. But you’ll still need a good storage space to keep your RV safe while you’re away. Reserve your spot at our Northern Colorado location online today.  
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