How to Tell if It’s Time to Replace Your RV’s Air Conditioner

Arguably one of the biggest perks of traveling and camping in an RV is the ability to maintain climate control anytime you’re hooked up to shore power. And when you’re camping in the late spring and summer months, you’ll likely rely on your RV’s air conditioner to keep cool anytime you’re indoors. Like all appliances, your RV’s air conditioner will need to be replaced eventually. Here are a few key signs that it’s time to schedule an air conditioner replacement with goHomePort.

You’re Uncomfortable Even in Mild Temperatures
When you’re parked in full sun, your RV will start to heat up fast. If your air conditioner is working properly, it should keep your rig comfortable, even if the temperatures outside are high. But if your RV feels like an oven when temperatures are barely over 70 degrees, it’s likely time to replace your air conditioner. As your system ages, it may struggle to keep up with your preferred temperature, even if it’s not that warm outside. 

The Unit Keeps Breaking Down
Air conditioners should work reliably and cycle on and off without issue. But if your RV’s AC unit keeps breaking down, it’s high time to replace it. The sooner you install a new air conditioner, the fewer emergency repair appointments you’ll need to schedule. This can make it easier to enjoy your rig during the peak travel season and reduces the risk of having to cancel trips just to take care of yet another breakdown.

Your Energy Bills Are Through the Roof
If you stay at an RV park for a few weeks or months, the chances are good that you’ll have to pay for your electric use. While prices can vary from park to park, you should know what’s normal for your rig. If you notice that your energy bills are going up and the park hasn’t raised their electric rates, it’s likely time to replace your air conditioner. Older units are less efficient and may use more energy to keep your rig comfortable as they age. Replacing your air conditioner could help you save on your energy bills on those extended stay vacations.

You Hear Strange Noises Every Time It’s On
Air conditioners have a lot of moving components that will break down over time. While you can replace them individually, doing so can end up costing more than installing a new unit. If you’re hearing strange squealing, grinding, or whining noises anytime the unit turns on, it’s time to replace it with a new system. 

It’s Not Cooling Evenly
RV air conditioners are designed to evenly cool your RV under normal circumstances. This means your entire rig should be roughly the same temperature throughout the day. If you’re feeling overly cold in one section and hot in another, your air conditioner may be nearing the end of its life. By replacing it, you’ll get better climate control throughout your rig.

Let a Pro Help
Replacing your RV’s air conditioner can help you keep your rig more comfortable and make trips more enjoyable. But it’s not something you should try to do on your own. Instead, schedule an appointment with a goHomePort RV service and repair expert today.
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