Know Before You Go: Tips for Attending Your First RV Rally

Full-time RVing can get fairly lonely if you’re traveling to places you’ve never been and locations where you only know the people you’re traveling with. Finding ways to be social and build connections on the road is essential to your long-term success and enjoyment of your mobile lifestyle. Attending RV rallies is a great way to get yourself out of your comfort zone and surround yourself with other travelers. But before you go, there are a few things your RV storage team wants you to know.

Be Prepared to Boondock or Dry Camp
Rallies try to squeeze as many RVers as possible into small spaces. That often means you’ll be limited to dry camping or boondocking if you want to camp at the rally site. Make sure you’re prepared ahead of time.

Fill your propane tanks so you can power your stove and refrigerator off-grid without relying on your generator. Stock up on bottled water to drink so you can extend the life of your fresh tank. Dump your gray and black tanks before you arrive so you’re starting with a clean slate. 

A little preparation can go a long way and may help you enjoy your time even more.

Look at the Schedule Ahead of Time
Most rallies have pretty extensive schedules. Use this to your advantage and review the schedule of events before you arrive. Once you have an idea of what’s on offer, you can create individual schedules for yourself each day. These schedules will help ensure that you’re able to go to the events you’re most interested in. You can then use your free time to relax, socialize with new people, or attend other events that weren’t on your priority list. 

Meal Prep if You Can
You’ll be busy during the rally—you can always count on that. And while being busy may be fun, it can make cooking nutritious meals more difficult. Whenever possible, prepare meals ahead of time or shop for recipes that are quick and easy to make. This can reduce the temptation to order takeout, rely on food vendors at the rally, or other expensive dining options.

Take Time Off Work
Events happen all day during the rally. If you’re stuck working, you could end up missing out. If you can, try to take time off of work when you’re attending the rally. If you can’t, try to find other full-time working RVers at the rally and create a coworking group as needed. This way, you can still be social while getting work done.

Get Out There and Get Involved
If you’re shy or just don’t thrive in a super-social environment, attending an RV rally can be stressful. But rather than letting yourself feel overwhelmed and giving into the temptation to skip out on events, try to participate in at least one event each day. 

When you get out of your rig and get involved, you’ll quickly discover that there are lots of RVers just like you who may not typically participate in large group events. 

Get Your Rig Ready for Upcoming Rallies
These tips will help you better enjoy your time at your first rally. But you’ll still want to make sure your RV is ready for everything you throw its way. Schedule an appointment with the RV service and repair team at goHomePort and let our experts tune up your systems so you’re ready to hit the road.

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