5 Easy and Proven Tips for RVing With a Large Family

Camping is a great and affordable way to take family vacations, and staying in an RV makes those trips even more enjoyable for everyone involved. But traveling as a large family in a relatively small space can be difficult if you’re not sure where to start. Before you take your RV out of storage and hit the road, make sure you’re ready. Here are a few easy tips you can use to keep everyone involved happy and having fun.

1. Consider Booking a Full-Hookup Site
Full hook-up sites are ones with water, sewer, and electric hookups. They allow you to use your RV like a house on wheels without having to watch how often you’re charging your appliances, monitor your water consumption, or keep a close eye on your gray and black tanks. You’re able to use as much water as you need and can dump your tanks as soon as they’re full without moving your RV. If you’re traveling with a large family, having full hookups can make the experience more enjoyable. No one will have to go without a shower or have to worry about charging their tablet or smartphone. 

2. Make Use of the Outdoors
Even the biggest diesel pusher RVs can feel small when you have a large family. That’s why it’s best to make use of the outdoors whenever you can. Set up activities on the picnic table at your site. Have fires in the firepit each night. Encourage your kids to spend time playing outdoors whenever possible. Look for activities that the whole family can enjoy away from the RV. This way, you’ll spend less time in cramped quarters and more time enjoying each other’s company.

3. Plan Meals Ahead of Time
Eating out can be fun. But if you have a large family, it can get expensive fast. Instead of trying to find a new restaurant each night, plan your meals in advance. If you have the room, buy ingredients before you leave home and bring them with you. If you don’t have added space, make trips to the nearest grocery store once you reach your destination. You can even get the kids involved and let them help with meal prep as a fun evening activity.

4. Pack Only What You Need
When you’re trying to squeeze lots of people and their belongings into an RV, packing only what you need is an absolute must. Create a list of things each person needs to pack and set limits on the “nice-to-have” items they want to bring. This can dramatically reduce the amount of clutter you’ll end up dealing with on your trip.

5. Have Shorter Travel Days
Long travel days are hard on everyone, but when you have a large family, cramming everyone into a tight space and asking them to sit still is tough. Instead of trying to drive as far as you can each day, consider breaking those days into shorter chunks. Drive 4-6 hours at a time if you can, and if you need to drive for longer stretches, stop at roadside attractions and rest areas to break the trip up.

Get Your RV Ready for the Camping Season
If you’re planning an RV trip with a large family, keep these tips in mind. They’ll make your travel days and your trip more enjoyable. Just make sure your RV is ready to hit the road when you are. Schedule an appointment with goHomePort’s RV service and repair experts today.
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