How to Build a Workstation in Your RV

Working on the road can make it easier for you to extend your trips without taking a financial hit. But RVs, even large Class A diesel pushers, can still feel small when you’re trying to set up a mobile office or workstation. Creating a functional workspace is possible. It just takes a little creativity. Here are a few key tips that your RV service and repair team wants you to consider as you get started.

Start With Your Dinette
Almost all RVs have at least a small dinette. This is the perfect place to build your starting workstation. Claim one side for your work stuff and use the other side for eating and other activities. 

If you don’t use your dinette for much other than setting up your laptop, you may want to get rid of it altogether. By removing the dinette, you’ll free up space to add a designated desk that can accommodate your computer, an additional monitor, and more. You may even be able to add an ergonomic desk chair to the space to make your work sessions that much more comfortable.

Repurpose Bunk Areas
If your RV has a bunk area that you don’t need to sleep additional guests or family members, removing the bunks and transforming the space into a workstation may be a good move. By removing the bunks, you’ll open up space to set up a desk or table capable of holding all of your equipment. Even better, you’ll retain your dinette for additional seating in the main living area.

Invest in a Laptop Stand or External Monitor
Ergonomics should be a priority whether you’re working at a designated desk or in the passenger seat of your cab. With the right setup, you’ll be able to work for extended hours without experiencing muscle fatigue or strain. Consider investing in a laptop stand like the Roost stand or the Nexstand. These stands are ultra-light and super portable, folding away when you’re not using them. But they put your laptop screen at eye level as long as you’re working at a solid surface. 

Use Your Bedroom for Calls
Working in the living area of your RV is great in most instances, but there will be times when you need privacy and quiet. Consider taking calls in your bedroom. You can draw the curtain or close the door to give you a bit of added privacy and noise reduction. All you need is a lap desk to set your laptop on. This will let you work more comfortably and angle yourself toward a wall that hides the bulk of your bed as needed.

Take It Outside When You Can
Working outside is one of the great perks of working out of your RV. If your site has a picnic table, you can set up there instantly. But if not, you may want to invest in a folding table that fits in your RV’s storage compartment. These tables can be used as outdoor dining tables at sites with few amenities or when you’re boondocking in the woods.

Make Sure Your Rig Is Ready
Working out of an RV means you need reliable power at all times. The best way to set yourself up for success is to install a complete solar panel and inverter system on your rig. At goHomePort, our experts are here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how our solar installations can improve your RV experience.
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