How to RV With Cats: A Simple Guide to De-Stress the Experience

One of the biggest benefits of traveling in your RV is that you’re able to take your furry family members with you. While traveling with dogs is fairly straightforward, traveling with cats presents some distinct challenges. Though it’s a bit harder, traveling with your cat is doable. You just need to get your RV ready for your feline friend before you hit the road. Here are a few things you can do while your RV is in storage to get your rig ready.

Pick a Spot for the Litter Box and Leave It There
Since your cat isn’t likely to be leash trained or go outside when they need to relieve themselves, you’ll need to find a place for their litter box inside your RV. Make sure the box is in an easily accessible area. For example, if you have a motorhome, you may want to put the litter box in the cab where your cat can find and use it easily. If you have a fifth wheel or travel trailer, choose a spot like beneath the dinette table or in your bedroom if you have space. Just don’t put it in a spot that has a door that closes and latches. The last thing you want to deal with is kitty waste on your upholstery or in your living area.

Bring Your Cat’s Favorite Toys and Comfort Items
Traveling can be stressful for cats and the more you can make your RV feel and smell like home, the faster they’ll adjust. Before hitting the road, bring some of your cat’s favorite toys into your RV. If they have a preferred mouse, pillow, or blanket, make sure it’s in the RV when you bring them inside. Show them those items once they’re in the RV so they know where they are and can smell familiar scents as they adjust.

Invest in a Scratcher
Cats need to scratch. It’s how they file their claws down and spread their scent around their home. Often, cats will end up scratching furniture and upholstered items in RVs simply because they can’t find something more suitable. Instead of letting your cat scratch up your upholstery, make sure your cats have something safe to scratch at. Bring a small scratching post and place it in your living area. Wrap a scratching mat around the post of your dinette table. Place cardboard scratchers near your cat’s bed or sleeping area. The more scratchable surfaces you can provide your cat with, the safer your RV will be.

Start Slowly
Traveling with your cat can put them under a lot of stress. Consider bringing your cat to your RV while it’s parked in storage and let them explore. This can help take the mystery out of the RV and reduce the stress they experience when you’re actually traveling. Give your kitty time to explore and let them see that the RV isn’t a terrifying place.

Traveling With Cats Can Be Fun
As long as you take your time and make an effort to get your kitty acclimated to the RV, you’ll set yourself and your furry family member up for a more enjoyable trip. Just remember to get your RV ready for your journeys and let an experienced RV technician repair any damage to your interiors that your cat caused as soon as you get home. At goHomePort, our team can fix up your RV’s interior so you can enjoy it with confidence. Schedule an appointment today.
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