Do You Need Insurance When Your RV Is in Storage? Yes!

Finding ways to save money when you’re RVing is always a priority. Though there are discount programs you can enroll in to help you save on campgrounds and fuel rewards apps to help you save at the pump, what can you do to save money when you’re not using your RV and have it parked in your RV storage space? Many people decide to cancel their insurance or pause it while their RVs are in storage. And though this can save you money, it’s not the best option. Here’s why you still need insurance even if you’re leaving your RV in storage for several months.

Storm Damage Can Still Happen
Severe weather can happen at any time and the weather doesn’t care if your RV is in use or if it’s parked for several months. Though covered RV storage offers enhanced protection for your rig, it may not be enough to protect your RV from every severe storm. And if your RV is in uncovered storage, it’s completely vulnerable to severe weather. Even minor hail storms can cause serious damage and put your RV at risk for leaks, roof problems, broken windows, and damaged windshields. If your insurance policy is paused while your RV is in storage and it gets damaged by hail, you’ll have to pay for repairs. But by leaving your policy active, you’ll have an added layer of protection in case severe weather strikes.

Collisions Are a Risk Even if Your Rig Is Parked
Though most RV owners are incredibly careful when parking their RVs next to yours in the storage facility, accidents can and do happen. If your neighbor bumps into your RV when backing theirs in or opens their door into your rig when they’re hooking up for a trip, you’ll want insurance to help cover the cost of repairs. Remember, your neighbor might not even notice that they tapped your RV, so filing a claim with their insurance provider might not happen. Without insurance on your RV, any dings, dents, or damage that happen as a result of a collision while you’re parked could be your responsibility to pay for in full.

You May Want to Take It Out During the Off Season
Just because you plan on leaving your RV parked for the season doesn’t mean you won’t change your mind. If you pause your insurance, you’ll have to reactivate it before you can take your RV out again. That means you’ll need to plan your trips ahead or risk driving your RV without insurance—which can earn you a hefty fine if you get pulled over on the road. But if you maintain your insurance policy even when you’re parked for the season, you’ll be able to take your RV out whenever you feel like it without worrying about lapsed coverage.

Insurance Protects You From Out-of-Pocket Costs
Maintaining an insurance policy when your RV is parked for the season can end up saving you money in the long run. Instead of canceling or pausing coverage, keep paying your premium and contact your insurance provider to see if they can offer discounts if your RV will be in storage for extended periods. They may be able to decrease your coverage limits or offer reduced premiums without canceling your policy entirely.

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