4 Proven RV Organization Tips to Free Up Space

Storage space can be tough to find even when you’re in a large RV. And if you’re going on extended trips, finding ways to maximize your storage space is essential if you want to pack everything you need without your RV feeling cramped. Here are a few easy tips to help you free up extra space in your RV, whether you’re in a 16-foot Scamp or a 40-foot diesel pusher.

1. Use Items With More Than One Purpose
One of the best things you can do to free up space in your RV is to find and use items with more than one purpose. What does that look like? Here are a few great options:
  • Mason jars: You can use these durable glass jars for drinking glasses, food storage, and for storing small items like clips, rubber bands, and other helpful things.
  • A sturdy wood cutting board: Wood cutting boards can be used for food prep but they can also be used as sink and stove covers to expand your food preparation space. Just make sure they’re large enough to cover the areas you’re working on most often.
  • S-hooks: You can use S-hooks to hang towels and wet clothes over your shower or bathroom door and other items on your cabinet and drawer pulls or on your closet’s hanging rack.  

Think about the items you’re acquiring and see if they can do more than one thing before you buy them. If they can, great! If not, you may want to keep looking for a better alternative.

2. Invest in Quality Items That Will Last
Though multi-use items are great, they’re not a solution for every need you’ll have on your trip. For items that are only suited to one purpose, try to invest in the highest-quality items you can. These high-quality items are typically more durable than their cheaper counterparts and will last longer. The longer you can make an item last, the less tempted you’ll be to carry a backup version or three.

3. Use Stacking Organizing Tubs for Large Outdoor Storage Spaces
If your RV has outdoor storage bays, make use of vertical storage where you can. The easiest way to do that is to store items in stacking tubs. These tubs will keep your items dry and reduce the risk of insects nesting inside, but they’ll also let you stack multiple tubs on top of them. You should be able to find these tubs at a big-box retailer or hardware store. 

4. Embrace Adhesive Hooks
Adhesive hooks can be a great addition to your RV storage efforts. They stick to the wallpaper without issue and can easily be removed without damaging the walls. Use them in your bathroom area to add towel storage. Add them to your bedroom to hold hats and outerwear. Put them close to your door to hang keys, dog leashes, and more. 

Even big RVs can feel cramped when your storage spaces are full. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to free up space in your RV with ease. Even better, you can leave most of these items in your RV when you put your rig in storage between trips. Don’t have a great storage space to keep your RV safe? Reserve your site online today!
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