How To Know If My RV Needs RV Service

By Jess Bolen - November 6, 2023

An RV is a valuable possession as you can go for long-distance trips. However, your vehicle must be in excellent shape to avoid breaking down during your journey. This creates stressful situations, particularly if you stop in unfamiliar, isolated areas.

RVs are susceptible to deterioration over time, so you need to get your RV fixed immediately when it breaks down. Here are some signs that it’s time to schedule a professional RV service.

RV Service for Leakage

The plumbing system in an RV typically allows water to drain from the bathroom and kitchen. If you see puddles of water on the floor, there is most likely a leak. An examination by an RV repair professional is needed to pinpoint the source. If you also see water entering from the roof or side, there is probably damage to the body of your RV. Getting your RV repaired stops it from rusting and decomposing. 

Starts Sluggishly

If your RV doesn't come on quickly after you turn on the engine, it might be time to have it checked out to see if repairs are necessary. This could be a sign that you need a new alternator or battery, or that something complex is wrong with your recreational vehicle.  

Odd Noises 

Odd noises are frequently one of the biggest signs that RV repair might be necessary. Regardless of whether it’s when you cut on the engine or you’re driving down the road, any weird sounds can be a red flag. It can be hard to explain automotive noises but think of odd as anything that is out of the ordinary, like a whistle, thump, hum, or scraping sound. 

Weird Odors

Odors are typically another indicator that you need RV repair service. Your RV shouldn’t be emitting any odors at all except the smell of diesel fuel (if you have a diesel engine). If your RV does have a weird odor, this is a good sign that something isn’t quite right. One usual sign that your RV needs an inspection is if your water has an odor of rotten eggs. 

Warning Lights Could Signal the Need for RV Service Needed

Even though this is a clear sign of trouble, most motorists choose to ignore warning lights, thinking that a check engine or warning light isn't anything serious. An indicator light could indeed mean low tire pressure, it could also be a sign of a more serious problem. If the warning light in your RV is flashing, get it checked out ASAP. You need to find out if it’s just a minor issue before it becomes one that necessitates extensive RV repair work.

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