Are There Specialized Repair Shops that Focus Specifically on Food Trucks?

There are specialized food truck repair shops. goHomePort Service and Repairs is one of them, with experience and expert technicians to get you back on the road fast.

One of the challenges of owning a food truck is locating professionals who specialize in food truck repair services. 
Finding a competent food truck repair professional or service shop is just as vital as having dependable cooking equipment in your food truck. Your location probably has a few options in food truck repair businesses. You just need to find the right one for you.

When to Start Searching for a Food Truck Repair Shop

The best time to start searching for a food truck repair shop is before you buy your food truck. These specialists can help you examine potential food trucks before buying them, hindering you from someone taking advantage of you. 

A food truck repair shop can correctly detect the issue and perform the repair work. Like a brick-and-mortar restaurant, a mobile eatery comes with some advantages and disadvantages. If your food truck has not been functioning up to par lately, it might be time to get it inspected at an automotive repair shop that specializes in food truck repairs. 

Food truck repair services offer preventive maintenance which extends the lifespan of your food truck. This reduces the number of days you’ll lose if your vehicle breaks down.

If your food truck is new, maintenance may not be needed yet. But as your food truck ages, the need for maintenance will increase. Even though you may have a few options to pick from, it’s best to select a food truck repair shop based on your vehicle type and the proximity of the shop to your location.

Tips to Finding the Right Food Truck Repair Shop

  • If an auto repair shop doesn’t specialize in food truck repairs, ask for a reference for a shop or mechanic who does. 
  • Ask other food truck owners in your area for suggestions on reliable food truck repair shops and mechanics. This is a simple way to get connected with a competent food truck shop and mechanic.
  • Be aware that just because an auto repair shop is well-known in the industry doesn’t mean their technicians possess the skills and knowledge to perform food truck maintenance and repairs. A mechanic working out of a garage could be more of a food truck expert than a uniformed one at a big-name business. 

Qualified Food Truck Repair Experts in Colorado

Once you’ve chosen the food truck mechanic to partner with in maintaining your vehicle, it may be fun to build the relationship by bringing the team a food sample from your food truck, especially if you choose goHomePort Service and Repairs for your food truck service! Just kidding. However, creating a positive relationship with your Colorado area food truck repair shop means you’ll have a place with the right professionals to take care of your Colorado food truck for life. 

goHomePort Service and Repairs is here to serve all the ‘kitchen’ aspects of your food truck— from electrical and refrigeration systems, to water and waste systems, solar and propane systems, and hitches, towing, or even roof resealing and light bodywork. See our full list of food truck services here

Need maintenance or repairs for your Colorado food truck? Contact one of our preferred locations for assistance. We have expert technicians for food truck repair in Longmont, CO, a shop that services food trucks in Mead, CO, and our newest food truck repair shop in Platteville, CO.
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