Should You Renovate Your RV? Your RV Repair Experts Weigh In

Whether you full-time in your RV or take it out on weekends, it’s normal to want the space to feel like an extension of home. After all, it’s your home on wheels, and finding ways to showcase your personality while making the camper more functional for your needs can easily feel like a must. But renovating an RV isn’t for everyone. You need to consider how your upgrades may impact your long-term goals. So, before you start ripping out that old dinette, consider the pros and cons from the RV repair pros at goHomePort – Longshadows.

Renovations Will Make Your Rig Feel More Like Home
When you renovate your RV, you have the chance to make it feel more like home rather than a moving hotel room that’s nearly identical to every other RV in the campground. You’re able to add features like a residential-style couch, bigger TVs, upgraded lighting, and even more functional tables and countertops. Ultimately, you can make your RV look almost like a small stick-built home on the inside if you renovate the right things. This can make the time you spend in your RV more enjoyable, especially if you’re living in it full-time. 

Renovations Will Impact Your Trade-In Value
RVs depreciate rapidly but the best way to preserve their trade-in value is to keep them as close to original as possible. If you have a newer model, it will naturally be worth more than an older RV, but if you start renovating it, you risk that trade-in value dropping significantly. But if you have an older RV that doesn’t have much of a trade-in value left, renovating the space may add value in the long run provided your renovations are done correctly and with high-quality materials. 

Before you start making changes, think about how long you plan on keeping your rig. If you’re wanting to use it for at least a few years, renovating may be a good choice. But if you’re thinking of trading it in soon, hold off on making any permanent changes.

It Can Make Selling More Difficult
There is a market for renovated RVs, but it’s a much smaller market than the one for stock RVs. Why? Because most people who are interested in renovated rigs want to renovate them on their own. They may be more hesitant to buy an RV that’s already been renovated. And even if you do find a buyer, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll pay you what you believe your rig is worth. By keeping your RV as close to original as possible, you may find it easier to sell down the line. That said, if you’re not worried about preserving your rig’s resale value, renovate away. 

Keep Your Renovated RV Safe
Renovating your RV often means installing expensive fixtures and spending dozens of hours bringing your vision to life. You’ll want to do what you can to protect it when you’re not using it. The best way to keep your RV safe is to store it with goHomePort. Contact us to learn more about our storage options or reserve a site online.
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