Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Full-Time RVer

There’s something appealing about selling everything you own and hitting the road in an RV. You get to experience life in a different way, change your front yard whenever you want, and meet people from all across the country every time you move. But before you start posting fliers for yard sales and advertising your belongings online, you need to make sure that full-time RV living is a good fit for your lifestyle. Here are a few things your local RV storage center wants you to consider before you take the leap.

How Will You Pay for Everything?
If you’re retired, figuring out how to pay for your new nomadic lifestyle may not be a challenge, but if you’re still working, you’ll need to figure out how you’ll earn money from the road. If you already work for a company that allows remote work, you’re all set. But if you work an job that requires you to be in the office, you’ll need to either convince your boss to let you work from the road or find a new way to earn money.

Many people choose to work seasonally for campgrounds in exchange for a free or discounted site and an hourly wage. Others look for remote work online or work in restaurants as servers at each new location they choose. 

Which Type of Rig Will Work for You?
No matter what type of RV you choose, you’ll likely be downsizing from your current living situation, and that comes with its own challenges. Think about how small you’re really willing to go. If you need tons of space, you’ll want to tailor your search to RVs that have slide-outs and open floorplans. If you’re comfortable going tiny, you’ll want to think about your travel style. If you want to boondock and camp off-grid most of the time, you’ll likely be better served by a smaller RV with a complete solar setup and larger water tanks.

Where Will Home Base Be?
You’ll still need a way to receive mail, register your RV, maintain your driver’s license, and vote. This means you’ll still need a permanent address on file. If you have family or close friends in your current hometown, you may be able to use their address as your own. If not, you’ll want to explore different RV domicile options. Clubs like the Escapees RV Club can help you establish residency in a state for a relatively affordable price. 

What Will You Do When You Need to Move Out for a Bit?
Living tiny can be freeing, but it comes with its own challenges, and many full-timers like to take a break for a few weeks each year. But if you decide to move into a short-term rental or a vacation rental for a month or two, you’ll need a place to park your RV. Before you go full-time, look for secure and safe RV storage facilities like goHomePort – Camelot. These facilities will help keep your RV safe while you enjoy cooking with a full-size oven for a few weeks.

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Whether you’re going full-time or are a proud weekend warrior, you’ll want a place to park your RV when you’re not using it. Contact goHomePort – Camelot today and reserve a safe and secure storage spot today.
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